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Radiology run mCRPC treatment clinic: South Midlands Prostate Cancer experience


In this Bayer Xofigo (radium-223 dichloride) promotional webinar, host Simon Shepherd - Bayer representative discusses with Dr Ian Sayers - Consultant Clinical Oncologist, and Miss Jo Weekes - Consultant Radiographer, their experience of developing the Xofigo-radium service at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. They explore the role, use and management of Xofigo by radiography-run services in the South Midlands and how this has impacted the patient journey.


This video is organised and funded by Bayer plc.

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Dr Ian Sayers

Dr Ian Sayers

Dr Sayers is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.


His Main interest is the treatment of localised and metastatic prostate cancer and he set up the Wolverhampton Prostate Cancer Trials Clinic and Radium 223 service.


He also treats cancers of the Lung, Bladder and Kidney and instigated a community cancer service in Cannock.

Miss Jo Weekes

Miss Jo Weekes

Miss Weekes was appointed as the first Consultant Radiographer in Nuclear Medicine in the UK.


She is Chair of the Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging advisory Group (Society of Radiographers (UK)) along with being a member of the Radiographers, Technologies and Nurses Committee (British Nuclear Medicine Society) and member of UK MRT (Molecular Radiotherapy) Consortium Steering Group.


She has also lectured at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine in Barcelona, BNMS along with other regional meetings and at Oxford University in nuclear medicine (FRCR Part 1 course)


Main areas of interest for her are MRT and patient treatment pathways.

- One of her aims is to derive pathways for future radiographers/technologists to gain accreditation by education and development of career pathways, deriving a pathway for future radiographers/technologists to gain the accreditation needed to replicate her success in their own units.

- Updating, training (medics, radiographers, technologists and assistants) in all aspects of nuclear medicine from protocol derivation to radiation protection issues especially in the field of therapeutic nuclear medicine.

- Taking lead and managing Molecular Radiotherapy Therapy planning and treatment clinics.

Advanced prostate cancer: when to use radium-223 dichloride

Advanced prostate cancer: when to use radium-223 dichloride

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