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Episode 3 – The Practicalities of Treatment

Gain valuable insights from leading healthcare professionals as they discuss what it means practically for the treating physicians, the multidisciplinary team and patients when going on treatment with radium-223 dichloride.



  • Dr YeePei Song - Consultant in Clinical Oncology
  • Dr Maryam Jessop - Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist


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Dr Yeepei Song

Dr Yeepei Song


Consultant in Clinical Oncology at The Christie Hospital.


Dr Song graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast in 2009 with a degree in medicine. She completed her general medical training in Northern Ireland prior to her clinical oncology training at The Christie Hospital and Rosemere Cancer Centre. Her research MD focused on the optimisation of radiotherapy in bladder cancers. She was awarded the Conquer Cancer Foundation Merit Award at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Genitourinary Cancers Symposium in 2019. In the same year, she was awarded a bursary from the Royal College of Radiologists to attend the ECCO-AACR-EORTC-ESMO Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research. She was appointed as a Consultant in Clinical Oncology at The Christie Hospital in 2020 and has a special interest in the treatment of bladder and prostate cancers. She also maintains a research and clinical trial interest in urological cancers.

Dr Maryam Jessop

Dr Maryam Jessop


Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals.


Dr Jessop qualified in New Zealand in 1979, worked in Canada in the 1980's, then returned to New Zealand. Having worked in the UK since 1996, her current role is as Chief Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Advanced Practitioner in Molecular Radiotherapies at Brighton, who were among the first in the UK to offer a clinical Radium-223 dichloride therapy service. Dr Jessop has a keen interest in research, in addition to maintaining high professional and educational standards, with previous positions on the New Zealand Nuclear Medicine Training Board, Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine Accreditation Board, and is currently a CPD assessor and Equivalency assessor for the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine.

Why treat with Xofigo?

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Optimising patient identification and referral

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